Technological Innovations

WASMO, as a state level mission, has adopted a variety of technologies to provide safe and potable drinking water at the doorsteps of the rural people. The ultimate aim is to use technology in such a manner that people are able to make use of the facilities and avail of improved services, so that user satisfaction and a resultant willingness to pay ensues and can support the sustainability of the system.

The technology choice and its subsequent sustainability depend on many factors such as technical factors like topography, geo-hydrology, requirement, availability of source and other factors like socio-economic conditions, capacity to pay, etc.

Technological Innovations

While standard systems and technologies are adopted as a matter of routine, WASMO believes in going beyond the ‘one size fits all’ approach and is keen to innovate to address several special conditions and requirements.

Gujarat is faced with various challenges in the rural drinking water sector, such as quality affected habitations, erratic and uneven distribution of rainfall and problems of high rainfall, but low recharge due to rapid run off, which is typical to hilly tribal areas. Innovations in technology have made it possible to overcome these and other problems to provide some relief in challenging situations.

From tapping spring water to installing solar water pumps, innovations have made it possible to reach out to the diverse needs of rural areas. WASMO with the support of various ISAs and other sector players has adopted a flexible and need based approach to use simple and innovative technology to provide safe drinking water to the villages.

Few Examples: