Committes Pani Samitis

Pani Samiti, which consists of 10-12 members, is constituted in Gram Sabha to plan, implement, manage, own, operate and maintain village water supply system. Its salient features are:

a) It is constituted under the provisions of G R dated October 24, 2002 issued by Panchayat, Rural Housing and Rural Development Department, Government of Gujarat and section 92 (4) of Gujarat Panchayat Act.

b) It is democratically elected standing committee of Gram Panchayat.

c) It has adequate representation of Gram Panchayat and all sections of Society with 50 % women members.

d) It is co-terminus with Gram Panchayat and is required to be reconstituted after Gram Panchayat election and also after every two years.


WASMO, with the help of ISAs, aims at and assists in creating strong village-level Pani Samitis that can assume the responsibility for

  • Preparation of a village action plan for water supply services
  • Arranging partial sharing of scheme cost (10%) by the community
  • Timely fixing and collection of operation and maintenance costs and water tariffs
  • Construction of water supply, water harvesting, water recharge structures
  • Monitoring the construction work
  • Transparency in fund collection and utilisation
  • Maintaining environmental cleanliness and improving sanitation and hygiene
  • Arranging operation and maintenance of village water supply system
  • Ensuring that the distribution and use of water is both equitable and optimal and achieving users’ satisfaction with efficient service delivery